Goldstripe ( Bambusa Mulitplex Goldstripe )


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Scientific Name: Bambusa Mulitplex CV Goldstripe

The Goldstripe Clumping Bamboo is a very versatile bamboo, used for screening and hedging. Very popular because this clumping bamboo can fit in tight and narrow areas along the edge of footpaths and passageways, because of its very erect culms that grow up to 6 metres and only growing to a footprint of a metre or the allowance, that this bamboo is given to grow in. This clumping bamboo is very low in maintenance and is very tolerant to frost and drought, can also be grown in large containers and placed onto patio or verandah.

This particular  clumping bamboo has small green leaves ( less mess not so much to clean good for putting back onto bamboo plants ) The culms are green with golden striation, along with its beauty it is fantastic for privacy.

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5-7 metre






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