Inoculating Bamboo Bio-Char

Preparing Bamboo bio-char for inoculation is an easy process and is a great additive to the soil. Using an old Macadamia Dehusker we crushed the bamboo bio-char into smaller more even pieces which made the bio-char more manageable to absorb the nutrients.
Using a 200-litre water container we added
1 litre of Charlie carp
1 litre of liquid Blood & Bone
5 litre of Nutri-life (BAM)
We stirred this solution well then added this mix to the bio-char and stirred this all together, then allowing this 24 hours to be absorbed.
We added the total mix to the garden, at 20% of the volume of the area that you are working.
Allowing another 24 hours then we added wood vinegar (Pyro-Ag) to the soil at a rate of 1:100 by spreading a liquid mix in a watering can.
NOW the exciting time, planting the garden bed and watching our results, stay tuned for UPDATES.