Table Legs crafted from Bamboo Timber

There are many ways to use bamboo within the home. Making furniture from bamboo is becoming increasingly popular because it looks  spectacular, it is a great timber to work with and it is a sustainable source of material for furniture making.

After cutting down one of the  mature Dendrocalamus Asper Hitam clumping bamboos grown in our nursery,  Bamboo Creations Australia, we thought it only fitting to use this timber to create something magnificent. Letting the mind do its thing, cutting and creating from this bamboo, we came up with a design for solid crafted table legs.

However, before you can create furniture or any craft  from bamboo you need to let it dry out which can take a few months.  To cure the bamboo quicker, we preserved it for a few weeks  in a solution of Boron and then let it dry in the weather.

Once we had dried the Hitam bamboo thoroughly, we crafted the clumps into table legs for this stunning Red Cedar dining table top. To get a good finish we water blasted the legs and once they dried again, we sprayed the table legs with a vanish as the finishing touch.