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 Welcome to Bamboo Creations. Where all your bamboo needs are fulfilled. Should you have any queries please feel free to book an appointment via email or phone. See Contact us for details.

We have been growing clumping bamboo commercially for almost 20 years. Supplying many clients Australia wide.This beautiful drought resistent plant is easily trained and pruned. It is extremely versatile with many great uses. We recommend Bamboo as a natural, living screen that is unsurpassed. Our many beautiful ornamental varieties will enhance your garden with an oriental, eco-friendly atmosphere. Bamboo can be used as a fast growing sustainable timber for any craft and construction projects or you could even plant it for its delicious edible shoots.

No matter what your needs or interest may be our many years of experience and extensive knowledge qualify us to truly advise and support you to choose the best bamboo for your location, use and lifestyle. We know our customers want value for their money and time. Who better to speak to than the grower himself. It comes direct from the grower to you. It cant get better than that!

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